Is Online Casinos Legal In Singapore?

online casino

Are online casinos legal in Singapore? This is one of the most important questions that casino enthusiasts ask when they are planning to try their luck in this new financial game craze. Online casinos first got introduced in Singapore in 1998. The first online casinos in Singapore began offering gaming facilities for visitors from other countries. Nowadays there are countless websites offering a wide variety of online poker games and other online casino games in Singapore.

Before we answer this question we need to know a few basics about online casinos and their legal status in 4d result Singapore. You need to remember that even though Singapore has legal restrictions against online casinos some operators still manage to operate here due to various exemptions that the government has in place. There are many operators who operate offshore with the help of an offshore bank in order to minimize their taxes and the law enforcement agencies have also started to crack down on such operations in the recent past.

For players there are several changes that they can make to get a better experience while playing online casinos. One thing to note is that there are no home country restrictions or income requirements while being a member of any online gambling website. You do not have to reveal your offshore banking details in order to play here. In addition there are no age limits as far as online casinos are concerned. All you need to have is a computer with internet connection and a stable internet package.

There are two types of payment options that players can choose from when playing online – Credit Card and PayPal. Both of these payment options are available at most of the casinos. Apart, from that there are a few other online gambling websites such as VIP casinos which allow players to play their games with money transfers using their credit cards.

The second thing that you should know about online gambling in Singapore is that the government has imposed several laws and regulation here to discourage the operators from coming out with illegal operations here. One such regulation is the Anti-Gambling Act 1989, which prohibits the operation of remote gambling. This law says that all operators must be registered with the Gambling Registration Board of Singapore and must pay a set fee for getting a gaming license. This fee is known as the Gaming Fee and is a part of the tax paid by players at the casinos. Anybody who operates a remote casino without having a licensed gambling license and without paying the required Gaming fee is strictly liable to imprisonment for a year or a fine of not more than $500. A minor offense can lead to jail time as well.

Since the law makers feel that the prevalence of online gambling is a serious problem in Singapore, they have imposed several restrictions on its operation here. These include the ban of advertising for online casinos in newspapers and radios or television. Anybody who violates these restrictions faces severe penalty. But the real problem for the residents of Singapore is the fact that even today there are several areas in Singapore where these casinos have not been installed or operate, thus leading to the increasing problems in this regard.

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